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Braun 790cc Braun 790cc

Intelligent Sonic Technology*
10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke help to capture more hair.
Choose from Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive modes for your optimal performance in different facial areas.
Pivoting shaving head Perfectly adapts around facial contours for a more thorough and comfortable shave.
Adapt to the skin's contours cutting short and long hairs with every stroke.
Triple action cutting system*
Twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer.
Braun's proprietary cutting elements, optimized to give outstanding closeness and skin comfort
Lifts and cuts flat-lying hair

Pricematch Promise 169.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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i6 features
braun feature 1 Active cooling technology
An integrated electro ceramic cooling element automatically cools the skin while you shave, to minimize shaving irritation. Works without any gels or lotions.

Adaptable 3-stage cutting system
Two independently moving cutting elements adapt to every facial contour – for an efficient close shave.
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Specially designed shaving blades target and capture hairs growing in different directions – for an ultimate smooth shave.
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braun feature 2 World's only 3-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station:

Charges, hygienically cleans and lubricates at the touch of a button.

1. Lubricates with each cleaning for longer lasting cutting efficiency.

2. Cleans significantly more hygienically than tap water. Noticeably more comfortable on skin.

3. Charges for maximum battery power at all times.
braun feature 3 The secret element in the °CoolTec is Braun’s innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology.

Whilst most shavers allow warmth to build up in the head of the shaver, °CoolTec has an innovative aluminium cooling bar integrated into its head that actively cools down the skin during shaving, minimizing redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving behind a cool and refreshed trace.
Reviews and Awards
braun cooltec dp review Electronic shavers are increasingly becoming more technically advance and Braun's CoolTec is evidence of this. It comprises a 'cooling bar' in the head, which the firm claims drastically reduces shaving rash. Located between the two main razors, the aluminium bar delivers a cooling sensation directly onto the skin which prevents the skin cells from becoming agitated and inflamed after shaving. This optional cooling mode is activated by the simple press of a button and we counted about 5-7 seconds for it to reach maximum coolness. We loved how the bar felt against our skin. It's cold enough to cool us down, but not to shock the skin and feel uncomfortable. The condensation which forms when the heat generated by the motor clashes with the cold rod, helps the shaver glide, so there's no painful skidding or tugging.
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Braun HD730 IONTEC Hair Dryer with diffuser Braun HD730 IONTEC Hair Dryer with diffuser
•Satin Protect system allows you to cap the temperature at 70°C whilst keeping the same powerful airflow and preventing hair from excess dry out.
•Specifically designed mesh filter prevents hair from getting entangled to avoid hair breakage. The diffuser attachment reduces the airflow for more well-defined curls and considerably less frizz.
•2200 watts.
•2 speed and 2 temperature settings.
•Ionic conditioning locks in moisture to keep hair healthy and frizz-free.
•Cool shot to set your style.
•Concentrator nozzle for controlled styling.
•Diffuser attachment included - adds volume and defines curls and waves.
•2 metre cord.
•Removable filter for easy cleaning.

Pricematch Promise 36.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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i6 features
braun hari dryer feature 1 As all Braun Satin-Hair 7 appliances the Braun Satin-Hair 7 dryer features Braun’s breakthrough innovation IONTEC. IONTEC is a unique technology which is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair and is therefore your reassurance for healthy styling. The green ion jet releases millions of satin ions effectively onto your hair to attract moisture particles from the air while drying. The result is an impeccable radiant shiny style that reflects the health of your hair.
braun hari dryer feature 2 Ideal for curly styles
Scrunch drying is made even easier with the diffusor. It reduces the airflow to a soft waft so you can dry your hair gently which now means more well-defined curls and considerably less frizz. The concave arrangement of the volume fingers adapts to the shape of your head thus providing high styling comfort.

For precise styles
The extra slim concentrator nozzle is specifically designed for precise drying and styling.
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2 year warranty
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